After the dance floor has cleared and the DJ and staff have gone home it is time for the clean up operation to begin. Not only will we clean, buff and polish the dance floor, we will also cleanse and sterilise the wash rooms and toilets – they always take a beating every night.

From bar to dance floor and toilet to foyer, our team of cleaners will work thoroughly and methodically through your venue, ready for your next evening. Not only do we want to create a lasting impression for ourselves, but also your customers.

You will immediately notice the difference and we will work with you to fully manage and meet your requirements. From the initial client meeting, we will run through your club’s cleaning routine, making suggestions for improvements in your current routine.

After you have decided to employ our services, we will put together a cleaning schedule. Once approved we will run the cycle a few times and will report back to you to check your satisfaction. If you would like us to change anything, contact us immediately and we will implement the changes, alerting you of any changes to costs.

Contact our Commercial and Sales Director for a free consultation appointment.

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