Bars and restaurants

The catering and leisure industries are cut-throat, competitive and of course highly regulated. It is essential to ensure your premises meet all health and safety laws by employing the right cleaning solution.

Our highly professional cleaning team cover kitchens, wash rooms, bars, seating, eating and drinking areas – your patrons will notice the Interclean difference when they relax in clean and comfortable surroundings.

From antibacterial cleansing of your kitchen and bar areas, to bleaching and sterilising your premises bathrooms – our staff will work tirelessly to ensure your venue is properly sanitised. We will work out a cleaning itinerary to fit into your schedule. As a 24-hour service provider, this could be after last orders, or even first thing in the morning before you re-open.

Every client has different requirements, so we pride ourselves on providing an extremely personal and friendly cleaning service.

Contact our Commercial and Sales Director for a free consultation appointment.

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